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Optical and Dichroic Design Services

Sulis Technology provides optical and dichroic design services​

Our team is very experienced in the optical design of photonic systems, utilising software packages such as Zemax in order to “ray trace” a particular design, thus theoretically proving that such a design will operate to our customers technical specification. We also design the dichroic coatings required for maximum efficiency. Not on a “best effort” basis, but dichroic designs that are achievable in reality.

Our Optical Engineers are either of graduate standard or Doctorate level in physics, allowing us to produce a technical specifications for those clients who do not have an in house technical team. For clients who do have a technical team, you can be assured that we will understand your concept and be able to fulfil your requirements

We have international partners who not only provide us with bespoke optical components, leading to volume manufacture, but also with dichroic coating companies who can provide a quality product that you can be assured will meet specification