Sulis Technology

Laser and Optoelectronic Specialists

Our core management team comprises of high calibre professionals with many years in the Optoelectronics and Software Development industries combined with immense experience in the manufacturing process and procedures in addition to ensuring that suitable process/product quality is maintained.

We are a team of experienced problem solvers who realise that cost is a key driver alongside quality, delivery and reliability. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can work closely with customers and solve their problems with commercially relevant solutions that may or may not lead to intellectual property. 

Our in-depth experience in optics/lasers/mechanics/electronics/software and manufacturing will enable our customers to move forward efficiently in their respective markets and receive high quality product/services in a timely manner, at the right price.

We hold a large number of patents for a wide range of technologies, including endoscopy.

Why Choose Sulis Technology

Our Service

Sulis Technology develop and manufacture disruptive Photonic (LED and Laser) devices that enable our customers to be differentiated in their respective markets, resulting in the growth of both our customers and ourselves.

Our Approach

We operate an open innovation business model whereby collaboration with our customers is key. We are able to offer the entire range of services from Inception, Design, Collaboration, Development, Protyping and Commercialisation.